Governing Documents:
*If these documents contain any restriction based on the color, religion, sex, familial status, marital status, disability, national origin, or ancestry, that restriction violates state and federal fair housing laws and is void. Any person holding and interest in this property may request that the county recorder remove the restrictive covenant language pursuant to the subdivision (c) of Section 12956.1 of the Government code.
ACH Auto Draft Form & Electronic Statement Request Form
Please return filled out auto draft form to the HOA office with a voided check and the date you'd like your auto draft to be effective. Effective 2023, MPS now charges a one time set up fee of $10 for all new auto drafts. Please submit form, voided check and $10 check, made payable to MPS.
Move In/Registration Form:
Signed architectural applications must be submitted with all required City of Long Beach permits, $1000 Architectural deposit and any required flooring soundproofing sample/spec sheet (required for 2nd & 3rd floor units). Architectural applications must be approved by the HOA BEFORE any work begins, including tear out. 
Clubhouse Use:
The current fee schedule to rent the HOA Clubhouse is as follows:
1-40 people     $50          81-120 people    $150
41-80 people   $100        121-200 people   $200
There is a $100 cleaning deposit and a $300 security deposit. Both deposits are fully refundable to you if, after your security check, the clubhouse is found to be clean and in tact with no damage. Deposits and rental fee are required with the signed Clubhouse Rental Agreement at the time of reservation.
Individual Condo Plans